Hello, Is it possible (for an admin) to delete an user in the Free version of myTalk.io?

Now you can block user account at "People" page it's don't delete user but very limits action! Soon we add feature to delete user and of course it will be available at free version too. Thanks for question! More about block can see here: http://support.mytalk.io/topic/4183

Yeah, the other versions aren't out yet, and my talk might have everything completely free, but I'm not 100% sure about that, but right now every future is available to everyone.

Thank you for your response, the reason I ask this is because I don't want people from outside our group registering for our board. I saw there is an BY-INVITE-ONLY option, but it doesn't work.
So thats why I want to remove users if they suddenly register (if they are from outside our group). But the thing is.. I cant see their e-mail address, so I dont know if somebody is from outside our group or not.. is there any solution for it?

Thanks Barry for question! Invite-only mode must work and we of course check it. For see how it's work you must try sign-up, not sign-in it's work for new user only. They can't sign-up without invite link to your forum. Try this feature from incognito mode for example at chrome browser. But this feature will be latter only at paid acoount. For solve your problem we add the ability to see email address only for admin mode. Thanks!

Great support! thanks! Yes I have already tried it in incognito mode, and indeed using the sign-up method, not login. Verification E-mails does not seem to be delivered. But I will figure it out, thanks again for your great service.

I see now you have off mode (Close registration to forum (access only by invite)) at your forum please ON it's if you want have sign-up only by invite. And we already add email to "People" page you can see it's now. Little later we add delete user feature. Thanks!

The Delete feature has been added.