Pretty ridiculous that I can't cancel my plan...

It seems the only way to cancel my plan and automatic billing is by contacting support... shady business practice.

Please cancel my plan and billing!

Hi Pedro! You can cancel your plan any time at your PayPal account! If you want to delete community right to Support Chat. Thanks!

I've paid twice as you can see here and still it tells me I have to pay... in the meantime my students can't use the forum so can you guys fix it so it is accessible?

and here

Don't worry we will check this and solve all problems.

After success connecting payment you must get success message! And your plan must be enabled automatically. But for this you must back from PayPal to the community with PayPal back button. Because only when you return from PayPal button we get info that you connect payment and pay. If after connecting payment your community don't activate tariff plan, please right us in this moment don't try pay again and again.

Okkkaayyyy what about a refund for the two times I've paid? Are you guys refunding one of these. and YEAH I FOLLOWED all the instructions. this isn't the FIRST time i've ever used payapl